ING Bank Śląski | Annual Report 2014


ING BANK ŚLĄSKIAnnual Report 2014

Strategy and operations development

The Preferred Bank strategy is based on three pillars:

  • Client centricity – all operations of the company focus on tailoring products and service model to needs of clients from individual segments.
  • Operational excellence – keeping the position of the best internet and mobile bank and relentless improvement of processes.
  • Top Employer – acquiring and retaining the best personnel by supporting employee professional development and using modern communication tools.

In order to ensure long-term growth of the goodwill, the Bank undertakes actions aimed at reinforcing and then keeping the top position in the Polish banking sector by harmonious development of core business activities; i.e., retail and corporate banking. The multichannel and integrated sales and customer service model, with special focus put on enhancing the electronic banking systems, is further developed.

Retail banking

In 2015, ING Bank Śląski S.A. will strive to strengthen its position in the consolidating market environment and will take actions aimed at becoming the preferred bank for the largest possible group of its clients. As in previous years, customer experience improvement and sustainable growth of both savings and loans volumes will remain the main areas of focus. Furthermore, 2015 will see more emphasis placed on using digitalisation and banking innovations to even better satisfy the ever-changing needs of clients.

Accomplishment of strategic goals will be supported by a clear and transparent product offer with good value for money as well as a broad and innovative multichannel distribution network, effective processes and strong brand recognition.

Strategic goals for 2015 cover:

  • increasing the number of acquired clients,
  • becoming the main bank for the largest possible group of existing clients by leveraging the diversified distribution channels to provide them with the services in the manner they find most convenient, 
  • continuing improvement of the customer experience, and 
  • obtaining sustainable growth in key product categories: 
    • maintenance of a strong position in the household deposits market with greater focus on sales of investment and structured products as alternatives in the low-interest environment, and
    • further growth of unsecured loans and mortgage loans volumes.

In order to accomplish the above-listed priority goals, the Bank will expand the functionality of remote distribution channels, improve online processes and implement new products (in the domain of payment solutions in particular). Branches will be more focusing on their advisory role. 

Pursuit of the Bank’s strategy will translate into higher volumes and improved cross-selling ratio (notably, higher sale of insurance and investment products) followed by increased and more diversified income. Growing branches’ efficiency, increased importance of remote distribution and service channels and operations automation will favour cost effectiveness improvement.

Corporate banking

In 2015, the operations of ING Bank Śląski S.A. in the corporate banking area will be focused first and foremost on:

  • Strengthening and fostering long-term partnership with strategic clients supported by in-depth knowledge of the client’s business, 
  • Deep-selling of: lending, cash management and financial markets products and complementary products such as factoring, leasing and Corporate Finance services,
  • Obtaining growth of the funds accumulated in clients’ current accounts above market average,
  • Increasing the share in credit market while paying attention to the portfolio quality. The Bank will be actively monitoring the market and individual sectors so as to identify the symptoms of slowdown or liquidity threats in individual industries,
  • Improving the competitive position in lending by tailoring the margins and structured products offered to market conditions,
  • Strengthening co-operation with Group companies from the asset-backed funding area (leasing and factoring),
  • Increasing the share in the leasing market through a dynamic growth of transactions concluded via banking distribution channels in leasing of vehicles, machines and equipment while remaining the key player on the real estate and train fleet funding market,
  • Supporting Polish companies operating on international markets in the banking services area,
  • Extending relationship with international entities acting as business process outsourcees,
  • Retaining a solid market position in the area of non-government debt securities issue for corporate entities,
  • Extending the offer with products and services being outside the traditional scope of banking activity, and
  • Maintaining the leader position within customer satisfaction with the offer quality and service level.


The basic instruments for accomplishment of the objectives adopted on the corporate banking market and financial markets products will be as follows:

  • Transaction Banking 3.0 – a cover-all platform for development of products and channels as well as modification of processes supporting continuous development and innovativeness of the solutions offered to clients. The project includes over 100 initiatives concerning development of products and channels plus process improvement. The most important include:
    • Innovations in the area of payments/settlements (mobile payments, e-commerce settlements, card development, e-invoicing, advanced cash solutions, dedicated procurement/settlement platforms),
    • Further development of channels: web services, payment factory, SWIFT Net, e-Custody, mobile banking, new standards in SWIFT communication,
    • Settlement solutions for commodity exchange, and
    • Development of securities lending.
  • Financial Markets 3.0 – providing clients with automated, 24/7 e-FM internet platform where they may purchase FM instruments such as FX forwards or FX options and check economic commentaries and market outlooks.
  • Development of the product offer – launch of new credit facilities and modification of existing ones, including the offer addressed to the agricultural sector.
  • Smart Lending – the project grouping a number of initiatives in the lending area, aimed at streamlining the decision-making process, and thus enhancing competitiveness of the Bank’s offer.
  • Development and automation of lending processes: 
    • Introduction of Easy Lending procedure for small credit exposures (H2 2015) and remodelling of Fast Track and Normal Track brackets so as to make Fast Track available to as many clients as possible clients.
    • Automation of prescoring process planned for H2 2015, preceded by a pilot prescoring campaign that started at the turn of 2014 and 2015.
    • Introduction of mobile banking loans.
    • Automation of disbursement of loans of up to PLN 1 million based on the client’s status in the ING Monitoring application; further automation and standardisation of response paths to the events occurring during the loan lifetime.


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