ING Bank Śląski | Annual Report 2014


ING BANK ŚLĄSKIAnnual Report 2014

Distributions channels and infrastructure development

1. IT and Operations

In 2014, the main focus of IT actions at ING Bank Śląski S.A. was on developing innovative solutions with keeping high reliability and security of banking systems. The following can be listed from among the key tasks performed in that period:

  • implementation of Digital Wallet by Visa facilitating fast and convenient online payments, 
  • development of versions of electronic banking mobile systems for all segments of clients,
  • implementation of a new PhotoDoc ING application to enable advisors and bank clients to scan documents and forward them directly to banking systems, 
  • implementation of a new solution for monitoring of lending processes for corporate clients (the ING Monitoring application),
  • implementation of real-time marketing,
  • launch of works on the modern electronic banking system (NextGen) for retail clients. At the end of the year, the application prototype was tested by a selected group of clients.

Innovative solutions also include the pilot launch of the sign language translator at selected Bank branches.

There were also many changes implemented in the Operations area to ensure relentless development and streamlining of processes.  The following projects were continued in 2014:

  • centralised CashProcessing,  whereunder more recyclers for the closed-loop cash management were introduced (415 machines as at the end of 2014), and there were over 405 proximity readers added to ATMs and CDMs.
  • centralisation of the complaint handling process which boosted its efficiency and shortened complaint resolution time,
  • centralisation of insurance products processing, 
  • centralisation of the accounts control process,
  • consolidation of the head office locations in Katowice under the Reunion project.

As at the beginning of 2014, the Monitoring & Restructuring Department was added to the structure of the Operations Division to ensure a good quality of the retail credit portfolio, while maintaining a high customer service standard, great flexibility and effectiveness of process, required control standard and to mitigate the operational risk. Operational processing of retail loans, i.e. credit decisions, credit administration, monitoring and debt collection, was consolidated in the Operations Division.

In H2 2014, the Operations Division took over the responsibility for regulations and credit procedures as well as for regulations concerning accounts, savings and cards. The shift of those operations from the Retail Banking Division to the Operations Divisions will allow the Bank to optimally use the competence and resources, to standardise the tasks as well as unify agreements and forms. Following the change, the Operations Division will have wider possibilities to streamline the processes and to respond faster to the needs of clients, while the Bank will improve service quality and effectiveness.

2. Development of electronic distribution channels

Internet banking

In 2014, the Bank made a number of changes to raise the usability of the ING BankOnLine internet banking system, to add new products and ways to buy them as well as to personalise communication with clients even further. The most important ones include:

  • presenting and selling personalised lending offers,
  • implementing an online mortgage loan application for individual clients,
  • implementing an online leasing application for entrepreneurs, and
  • introducing an enable/disable option for NFC payments with the use of a payment card.

In 2014, also the ING BusinessOnLine system designed for corporate clients was being developed. Providing the SMART service is the landmark improvement in this area. This solution enables clients to manage their accounts open at various banks in the ING BusinessOnLine system. The tool facilitates and enhances management of accounts and balances available therein. Furthermore, the Bank introduced an option of an electronic sing-off for credit agreements and the ING Monitoring service.

As at the end of 2014, ING BankOnLine had 2.9 million users that logged into the application 24.2 million times per month on average.

Mobile banking

There was also a number of initiatives to enhance mobile app functionalities available for smartphones ING BankMobile and for tablets ING BankMobile HD, such as:

  • providing the option of making a return transfer from the account history and the option of making a transfer to the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office. Moreover, the ING BankMobile application enables clients to search for transactions in the account history,
  • implementing a new function in the application for smartphones: Receipts. Clients can take a photo of a receipt in a simple and fast way and then store it safely at the Bank,
  • providing a new function in the application for smartphones: Split your expenses. It offers clients a simple and convenient way to square a shared expense by a group of people,
  • enabling clients using the application for the smartphone with the Android system to make NFC mobile payments,
  • extending the offer, thanks to which selected Bank clients have the opportunity to file a fast-track request for a cash loan,
  • streamlining the ING BankMobile application for smartphones hosting the Windows Phone 8 system – provision of the transaction confirmation in the PDF file and percentage indicator of the account on the Live-Tile available before logging in, and
  • providing the mobile banking application for telephones hosting the BlackBerry 10 system.

Until the end of 2014, ING BankMobile for smartphones and ING BankMobile HD for tablets had been downloaded 785 thousand times. They were actively used by 480 thousand clients.

Bank’s efforts to deliver top-notch mobile banking service were appreciated both by clients and independent circles. The customer satisfaction survey results show that over 90% of clients declare that they would recommend the ING BankMobile application to their friends and family. Mobile banking of ING Bank Śląski S.A. was ranked first in the ranking Przyjazny Bank Newsweeka 2014 (Newsweek Friendly Bank). The application was recognised mainly for its user-friendly navigation and interface.

In the opinion poll of Komputer Świat (Computer World), the mobile application of ING Bank Śląski S.A. came second in the Internet category and thus became the best banking application in the competition. The opinion poll rewarded solutions that were appreciated the most by consumers in 2014.

Clients39 of electronic banking systems at ING Bank Śląski S.A.
  31.12.14 31.12.13 31.12.12 31.12.11 31.12.10 31.12.09
ING BankOnLine, ING BusinessOnLine 2,846,079 2,575,708 2,350,269 2,115,325 1,879,525 1,559,504
HaloŚląski 1,819,028 1,605,063 1,433,433 1,285,261 1,072,099 786,008
ING BankMobile, ING Bank Mobile HD* 764,457 364,867 123,269      
ING BusinessMobile 6,703 3,712        

*/  Number of app downloads

Clients increasingly use the Bank mobile applications ¬– ING BankMobile and ING BankMobile HD – to make daily transactions. In December 2014 only, there were 5.7 million log-ins (2 times more than in December 2013).

As at the end of December 2014, ING Bank Śląski S.A. had 1,066 machines for cash self-service in total, including: 294 standard ATMs, 174 standard CDMs and 598 dual machines. That network is being constantly developed. As at the end of 2014, the Bank had 416 recyclers and 403 NFC-enabled machines (the feature which is unique on the Polish market).

 39 The number of clients does not correspond to the number of users, one client can have a few users in a given system.

3. Network of Bank outlets

As at 31 December 2014, ING Bank Śląski S.A. had 401 retail branches (including 114 cashless branches), that is 16 less than as at the 2013 yearend. There is a 24/7 self-banking zone in almost every Bank branch, where clients may deposit or withdraw funds on their own.

The Bank is still redesigning its retail branches by making them look more modern and implementing new functional solutions supporting the current model of customer service. As at the end of 2014, the Bank had 173 branches with the new layout. Moreover, the actions designed to relocate branches to the most attractive locations in business terms in given cities, towns and regions were continued. The Bank maintains the number of branches at a stable level and continues its efforts to modernise the traditional branches successively.

The Bank wants to be present where the client is, thus in 2014, the ING Express new distribution channel was being developed. These are sales points located in popular shopping malls and their main task is to acquire new, active clients. As at the end of 2014, the ING Express network had 55 sales points.

Corporate clients from mid-sized and mid-corporates segment were serviced at the Bank by 33 corporate branches and 15 corporate banking centres. Almost all of them were operating in the same locations as retail branches. The largest corporate clients were attended to by the Strategic Clients Department located in Warsaw and by its regional office in Katowice.

Network of ING Bank Śląski S.A. branches


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