ING Bank Śląski | Annual Report 2014


ING BANK ŚLĄSKIAnnual Report 2014


Following the decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of 10 April 2014, on 03 June 2014 the Bank paid out the dividend for 2013 in the total amount of PLN 572.4 million, that is PLN 4.40 gross for one share. 14 May 2014 was the record date.

Following the information provided in the current report no. 2/2015 of 11 February 2015, the Management Board of ING Bank Śląski S.A. intend to recommend the General Meeting to adopt a resolution on earmarking for dividend payout approx. 50% of net profit of the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Capital Group for 2014. Assuming that the General Meeting will approve the proposal of the Bank Management Board, the amount earmarked for the dividend will be approximately PLN 520.4 million (PLN 4.00 per share).


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