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ING BANK ŚLĄSKIAnnual Report 2014

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31. Repurchase transactions concluded with customers

Starting from 2013 the Group has been presenting customer receivables under reverse repo and buy-sell-back transactions in a separate item of the statement of financial position. Such presentation is to ensure separate recognition of highly volatile assets measured at amortised cost from stable assets.

Reverse repo/ buy-sell-back transactions (purchase of financial instruments to be sold back in the future at the same price plus the determined interest amount) are used as a liquidity management tool to deposit short-term cash surpluses.

At the end of 2014 and 2013 the following assets were sold under repo transactions concluded with customers:

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end of 2014
  Repurchase date Market value Carrying amount
Debt securities 02/01/15 28.5 28.9
Debt securities 05/01/15 0.8 0.8
Total   29.3 29.7


end of 2013
  Repurchase date Market value Carrying amount
Debt securities 02/01/14 424.8 429.9
Debt securities 03/01/14 0.7 0.8
Debt securities 07/01/14 2.8 2.8
Total   428.3 433.5



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