ING Bank Śląski | Annual Report 2014


ING BANK ŚLĄSKIAnnual Report 2014

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14. Cash in hand and balances with the Central Bank

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  end of 2014 end of 2013
Cash in hand 1,097.3 823.3
Balances with the Central Bank 4,233.4 6,146.8
Total 5,330.7 6,970.1

The Group’s parent company maintains a mandatory provision - at the level of 3.5% of the value of deposits received by the parent company - in its current account kept with the National Bank of Poland.
The arithmetic mean of balances of the mandatory reserve that the Group’s parent company 
is obliged to maintain during a given period in the current account with NBP amounts to:

  • PLN 2,597.8 million for the period from 31 Dec 2014 to 1 Feb 2015,
  • PLN 2,339.5 million for the period from 31 Dec 2013 to 30 Jan 2014.

The Group may utilise the credit limit with the National Bank of Poland representing 85% 
of the face value of Treasury securities subject to pledge, which as at 31 Dec 2014 represented PLN 13,180.6 million compared with PLN 11,530.1 million as at 31 Dec 2013.


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