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Welcome to online 2013 Annual Report of ING Bank Śląski S.A.
On this page you will find helpful details how to you use our publication.

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Sitemap page contains links to all pages of the Report.

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Next / Prev navigation placed at the top and bottom of the page, allows you to view the report page by page. When you hover on navigation items - you can see pop-up window with titles of facing pages.

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Data interactivity

Our report offers a range of functionality to facilitate viewing and comparing data.

Interactive Charts

Each graph of the data in the report is interactive. After hovering the cursor on the chart elements you can see the details.

Clicking on the legend items allows you to enable or disable the viewed data elements.

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Charts can be downloaded in various formats.

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Interactive tables of selected data in terms of 8 - year - period

The report has a special zone that contains tables of selected data in terms of 8-year-period. The zone is accessible from the home page - link at the bottom of the "interactive tables", or as a complement to the selected financial data.

link to tables

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Columns of years containing data can be sorted, moved and turned off - for convenient comparison.

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Data can also be downloaded in XLS file.

Hovering the cursor over the data rows pops up the dynamic linear chart.

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Data availability

XLS tables of financial data 

All tables of the Financial Statements are available for download in XLS files.

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Selected quarterly data

Also in XLS format are available for download selected quarterly data.

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Share price of INGBSK in 2013

The page Share price dedicated to the Bank's share price quotations, there is available XLS file of quotations course to download.

INGBSK share price download




All files to download are collected on a single, dedicated page.

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Tools for browsing content


Toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen when you scroll the page. Toolbar contains tools for assisting in reviewing the content of the Report. On the figure below is their description.






Report's Briefcase allows you to store the selected pages. The counter on the clipboard icon in the toolbar shows the current number of pages stored. 
In addition to the list of favorite pages in a Briefcase, there is the possibility of adding and storing notes, print and download PDF files. 

Pages and notes are stored in the browser's memory until you delete them.



Your ING Report

Personalized content of the Report can be done by using the module "Your ING Report". 
The module allows you to select interesting chapters of the Report and pack them into a single ZIP archive to download.

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Your place for bookmarking and printing favourite pages

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